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Quality Patient Encounters Backed with Quantifiable Results

Five Star Physicians embraces systems, processes and technology so that we can gather data, analyze this data and deliver even better care. When made available to us, we also align with the systems, processes and technology of our communities and the regional hospitals. These partnerships are always embraced and can truly generate improved delivery of care models that help to control our healthcare costs and improve clinical care outcomes.


Today more than at any time before, our healthcare systems are data-driven. Our communities, hospitals and government collect and analyze this data and come up with improved care programs. This data leads Five Star Physicians to:

  • Support Efforts to Reduce Hospitalizations –Five Star Physicians support the mission of our local hospitals and their hospitalists to minimize hospital readmissions.
  • Patient Rounding –Five Star Physicians delivers exceptional geriatric care. Identified many times in this data is that seeing our patients more frequently is healthier and more cost-effective. We encourage our clinicians to round as they determine is optimal and necessary.
  • Quality Assurance/Performance Improvement (QAPI) – Our communities utilize clinical care data and integrate it into their QAPI plans. QAPI Performance Improvement Plans generally provide a clinical care baseline and work to improve from that baseline. Five Star Physicians serves and supports our community’s QAPI programs.


Five Star Physicians supports Real Time Medical Systems (RTMS) RTMS is predictive analytics for skilled nursing communities, providing a data-driven approach to resident care and financial management resulting in improved care, fewer hospital readmissions and increased financial savings. Click here to learn more.


In addition to caring and compassionate clinicians and measured clinical care outcomes is compliance.  Compliance is important to you; it ensures that our clinicians follow and adhere to all standards.  Not only do our patients and communities care, our clinicians do too.  We offer them a level of assurance that we follow and adhere to rules and regulations.  Our Compliance Officer and her department perform various functions that ensure the optimal operation of Five Star Physicians.

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