Skilled Nursing Communities

Five Star Physicians’ primary focus is delivering Five Star clinical care in skilled nursing communities.

A skilled nursing community is a residential community for people with disabilities or chronic illnesses, particularly older people.  Typically, they represent homes for people who don’t need to be in a hospital, but can’t be cared for at home without professional care. Most skilled nursing facilities today also operate a post acute care community within their skilled nursing community. These services are designated for residents that need a short-term care solution. Skilled nursing facilities have nursing aides and skilled nurses 24/7.

In today’s modern times, most skilled nursing facilities operate similar to a hospital. The staff provides medical care and other critical care services such as podiatry, dental care, physical, speech and occupational therapy. A “Nurse’s Station” is operated based on the number of residents’ beds (residing residents).

Some nursing homes have special care units for residents with serious memory problems such as Alzheimer’s Disease. Nursing homes are no longer just for the elderly, but for anyone who requires 24-hour critical care.


What we do

Five Star Physicians’ primary focus is delivering Five Star clinical care in skilled nursing facilities. We provide Medical Directors who guide and manage medical care for all patients. We also provide Attending physicians who deliver critical clinical care. Of course we can also provide specialists in physiatry, infectious disease and pulmonology in most Mid-Atlantic geographic regions which we serve.

Critical care consulting services are also available, helping to build better skilled nursing community clinical care delivery systems, data analysis, staff education programs, and other quality improvement initiatives.   Our goal is your goal; to provide the best care process and team available so that you will attract both residents/families and hospitals to your community. Delivering good care is simply good business.

What the Five Star Difference Means to Dr. Harold Bob

Five Star physicians and nurse practitioners work as an integral part of the professional team to optimize the quality of life within the post acute and long term care continuum.

Much has changed in the healthcare system over the past decade, and nursing homes are now staffed with Licensed Nurses, Social Workers, Physical, Occupational and Speech therapists, Pharmacists and other skilled highly trained professionals to make a plan of care for each person they are assisting.

While a decade ago, Nursing homes were lonely places with little hope, many post acute patients, after treatment at a hospital for an acute spell of illness, have their rehabilitation and transition to home and their normal life supported by a Skilled Nursing Community.

To support this process, just as hospitals have dedicated hospitalists, Skilled facilities dedicated to post-acute and long term care have Physicians and Nurse Practitioners who are not “office based” and dedicate their lives to care of patients needing community based care.

Sometimes, sadly, patients are unable to return home, and need long term care due to their dependency in basic aspects of life, or, faced with incurable disease. We can continue to care even when we cannot cure, and seek the maximize the autonomy and quality of life for each circumstance. Providing palliative care, often offers freedom from aggressive but futile debilitating processes, that should not supplant human hope that stems from faith, with futile procedures with little chance of success.

Five Star practitioners use the following tools as a part of their mission:

  • Five Star practitioners are dedicated to community care and do not have an office practice that comes first. For us, our patients are all in our facilities and they are our mission.
  • Five Star practitioners support the evidence based Clinical  Practice Guidelines developed by AMDA – the society for post-acute and long term care, and works to implement AMDA best practices in our facilities.
  • Five Star practitioners support the autonomy of patient based health care decisions, and strive to work with the team to communicate choices in developing each patient’s plan of care.

— Harold Bob, Five Star Physician Services

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