Our Mission, Vision, and Values

We make the most important things, the most important things.”


To provide compassionate clinical care exclusively serving long-term, sub-acute, rehabilitative and palliative care communities and their residents. Five Star Physicians embraces clinical care innovation and technology as highly effective tools to improve clinical care. Five Star Physicians partner with communities to achieve a Five Star quality measure rating. Only highly qualified clinicians with integrity and professionalism comprise the Five Star Physicians team.


To be The physician practice with the best clinicians, the best innovation and technology with the strongest partnerships in the communities we serve.

To utilize our regional teams of highly qualified clinicians to deliver compassionate and caring medicine. As we integrate with our communities, we listen to their needs and respond. We stimulate environments of open communication with the intent to deliver even better medicine. We strive to create simple, single-source solutions for a community’s complete on site clinical care needs.

To mentor and develop all of our clinicians to be the best they can be. Their ingenuity and ideas comprise Five Star Physician’s future.

Core Values

Compassion for Every Life We Touch
Employ and Retain High Quality Professionals
Maintain a Professional Environment that Includes Integrity, Clarity, Fairness and Transparency
Creativity and Innovation in Developing Effective Clinical Care Solutions

Five Star Physicians provides excellent patient care, exceptional client service, communication, teamwork and professionalism.

There are always urgent issues to which Five Star providers must respond, but what is most important to Five Star Physicians is our patients. We are all committed, as a team, to serving patients, providing patients the highest quality medical care, offering paths to improved, comfortable health and always conscious of supporting patient respect and dignity. Five Star Physicians values EXTRAORDINARY PATIENT CARE.

A second most important group of people are those at each of our communities who work with us to care for patients. Aligning with  their goals, meeting and exceeding their clinical care expectations and being the ideal partner is our second primary focus. Five Star Physicians values EXCELLENT CLIENT SERVICE.

We comply with the federal and state laws and regulations which govern the practice of medicine and the provision of long-term care and skilled nursing care. We adhere to best practices and ethical guidelines established by national professional associations like AHCA & AMDA. We value the guidance and direction these organizations, and others, provide us.

COMMUNICATION AND TEAMWORK are important values of Five Star Physicians. Our providers work diligently to make sure that the entire care team, community, patient and family included, are informed, educated, and engaged in the care process. Specialists who bring important clinical expertise to the care continuum must be coordinated with nursing staff and family who are supporting the patient through his/her chronic disease. Five Star providers recognize the importance of each person on the team and the necessity to communicate among the individuals creating a highly coordinated plan that achieves optimal outcomes. Five Star Physicians values communication and teamwork.

Perhaps the most tangible observation of Five Star Physicians is the professionalism of our team members—a remarkable group. At the very CORE of our mission.

OUR PROFESSIONALS are highly capable, knowledgeable and experienced with the passion to serve post-acute/long term patients. Five Star Physicians, are highly capable clinicians who specialize in the complex, multi-faceted, intertwined medical conditions of our patients. Our providers have extensive education, including fellowship training in geriatrics, internal medicine, palliative care and family medicine. They are also experienced providers who have many years of clinical experience in a variety of settings and have chosen to focus their practice of medicine on society’s most vulnerable people. Five Star professionals have a unique wisdom that brings their capability, knowledge and experience to bear to benefit every patient.

COMMITMENT. Another value of Five Star Physicians is the commitment we offer to our communities, patients, and to each other on the Five Star Physicians team. Following through on complex issues, communicating with facility staff and family members, completing documentation to meet regulatory requirements and digging deeper for a better answer to difficult clinical problems are all hallmarks of this team’s commitment.


INTEGRITY is the foundation of all we do every day.   Each and every day we are confronted with difficult, stressful situations. We never let a situation compromise doing the right, honest, truthful thing.

Patient care, client service, communication, teamwork and professionalism are all essential values at Five Star Physicians. But let’s be honest, each of them rest on a solid foundation of INTEGRITY.

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