Continuing Care Retirement Communities

A Continued Quality of Care

A continuing care retirement community is where a number of aging care needs, from assisted living, independent living and skilled nursing care, may all be met on a single campus, under one management company. These various types and levels of care are housed in different buildings, or on different floors or wings. The average CCRC contains just over 330 homes, comprised of 231 independent living units, 34 assisted living beds, and 70 skilled nursing beds. On average, an older resident will live in the independent living community for just over three years, the assisted living community for one year, and the skilled nursing community for nine months (America Seniors Housing Association, 2002).

Typically, elderly residents move into a continuing-care retirement community (CCRC) while still living independently, with few health risks or healthcare needs, and will remain there until end of life.

As these residents progress in age, and medical needs change, the level of nursing care and service increases proportionally in response. In such a way, resident care is consistently monitored and adjusted, particularly as those needs become more intensive.

CCRC’s are a growing and expansive component of our housing today. As Baby Boomers age, they are finding these communities ideal for their lifestyle. One ideal component that attracts them to a CCRC is finding so many activities and services on site. Five Star Physicians is an ideal partner in delivering clinical care on-site, on time and at every level of care. Be it an active, independent resident or a resident residing in the Memory Care housing wing, Five Star Physicians should be your community’s doctor.

Think about the types of care needed in a CCRC. These communities serve healthy residents to very sick with chronic illnesses and conditions.  The level of clinical expertise is expansive.  The level of  “bedside” manners clinicians have to maintain is also significant. Five Star Physicians provides on site clinical care to all residents regardless of health condition.


What we do

Unique to Five Star Physicians is our ability to build and manage physician clinics, primarily for their Independent Living and Assisted Living residents.  We work with the CCRC to identify the space for the doctor’s office and staff, we then establish doctor’s office hours and build clinical care processes and protocols to serve the residents, campus and Five Star Physicians.  Let us build your own in house, Five Star physician clinic.  Your residents and community will live healthier.

Physician and Nurse Practitioner Services Provided in all Settings Five Star’s understanding, knowledge, and commitment to residents are second to none. Five Star’s Caregivers bring support and strive to make all patients as comfortable as possible.  Five Star’s staff is available to you 24/7 to provide you the service you need.

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