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We are your single source solution for your community clinical care needs.

Five Star Physicians meets the clinical care needs of your residents in the comfort of their “home.”  We perform on-site clinical care through our team of Nurse Practitioners, Attending Physicians and Medical Directors.  Our Communities continually request additional clinical care services such as physiatry, infectious disease, or pulmonology.   It is our growing commitment to our patients and communities to build specialty care practices to better serve and support you.  It is our objective to provide a single source solution, one whereby a request for clinical care is made to us, and we deliver, regardless if it is for a physician visit or a physiatry visit.  Each and every day, we build our internal and external network of qualified physicians, nurse practitioners and specialists to meet your requests.

Physiatry – Management or treatment of physical disability, pain, movement or malfunction by utilizing exercise, massage, stretches, etc. without relying on medicine or surgery.

Physiatry and the ensuing rehabilitation is personally customized to address the patient’s specific needs, while taking into consideration their history, needs, and goals of Physiatry services.

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Palliative Care – Medical care specialized for those with serious illness. The goal of Palliative care is to improve the quality of life for not only the patient, but their family as well. Specially-trained doctors, nurses, and other specialists provide much needed relief  for the patient while they are undergoing the stress of illness, treatment, and constant doctor appointments .

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Pulmonology – Focusing primarily on diseases relating to the respiratory tract, Five Star Physicians couples patient care and research in order to provide superior care for patients undergoing respiratory or circulatory challenges.

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Infectious Disease – Our long term care communities are required to manage clinical care like no other time in the past.  The Federal “push” to reduce hospitalizations and provide for better antibiotic “stewardship” affords for new and improved Infectious Disease standards and improved care in our long term care communities.

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