The Five Star Difference

The Five Star Difference Begins with Experience

Five Star Physicians is a clinical care practice exclusively serving Post-Acute/Long-Term Care communities, providing  Medical Directorships, Clinical Specialists, Attending Physicians, and Nurse Practitioners throughout VA, MD, and DE.  Clinical care, mixed with medical management and technology provides the expertise you want and the expertise you need.  Five Star Physicians takes leading roles in improving a community’s quality care ratings by being the quality control, clinical care leaders.  We strive to attain and maintain a five star rating for your community.

Augmenting our team of medical directors, physicians and nurse practitioners are clinical specialists in physiatry, pulmonology, infectious disease and even palliative care.  These specialists have additional certifications and experience and integrate with our general practice with the purpose and function of providing the best care possible, on site.

Five Star Physicians embraces systems, processes and technology so that we can gather data, analyze this data and use it to deliver even better care. We also have a complete understanding of the CMS Five Star Quality Measures and regularly guide our communities to a CMS Five Star rating. When made available to us, we also align with the systems, processes and technology of our communities and the regional hospitals.

Delivering quality clinical care is what we do. Delivering this high level of care while always being aware of costs is an important way of how we think. Using mentorship, data, technology, collaboration and improved processes is how we do just that. We always communicate with our communities the treatment which we recommend and work with them to deliver even better, cost-effective care.

Our passion and clinical experience is specific. We only serve post-acute/long-term care patients. Many of our clinicians have several decades of experience serving these communities. We are not hospitalists and we are not a family medicine practice. We are the clinical care leaders in post-acute/long term care.

Physicians and nurse practitioners make the decision to join the medical profession because of their desire to improve people’s lives. They spend many years in our universities and spend even more years performing duties as a resident learning and improving their skills. They work long hours and make many sacrifices to become a medical professional. Those that choose to serve post-acute/long term care communities know Five Star Physicians to be a practice of compassionate and caring clinicians. Take the desire of our practice to provide the right patient treatment and align it with the passion of our clinicians and you get the Five Star difference.

Five Star Physicians provides dedicated medical directors, physicians and nurse practitioners exclusively to post-acute/long term care communities.  It’s all we do.  We do not serve hospitals or urgent care clinics.  We are a highly-trained, very experienced team that delivers quality clinical care results, constantly considering cost of care and constantly evolving to deliver even better results in your communities.  We know better than anyone what you need from a clinical care team.

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