Infectious Disease

Treat, Cure, and On-going Preventative Care

Our long term care communities are required to manage clinical care like no other time in the past.  The Federal “push” to reduce hospitalizations and provide for better antibiotic “stewardship” affords for new and improved Infectious Disease standards and improved care in our long term care communities.  We know from the CDC that 1 to 3 million serious infections occur per year in our long term care communities.  Infections include diarrheal diseases, urinary tract infection, antibiotic-resistant staph infections, and respiratory tract infections such as bacterial pneumonia and influenza.  These infections are a major cause of hospitalization and death; it is estimated by the CDC that almost 400,000 people die of these infections in our communities every year.  Five Star Physicians, with our core focus on long term care communities, is uniquely qualified to serve and support your efforts to control and even reduce your infectious disease encounters.

Additionally, pressure from our hospitals for long term care communities to better control infectious disease encounters is prevalent.  Many times, blame for these encounters is placed unfairly upon long term care.  Five Star Physicians Infectious Disease Specialty Care Practice provides not only clinicians to treat and cure, but clinicians to help you build improved hospital communication and dialogue, improved processes and employee training programs (such as “appropriate diagnosis and treatment of UTI”).

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